Upcoming Events


Camera buyer will be in Vancouver area from Sept 23rd to Oct 13nd, if you have any photographic item and would like to sell single item or entire collection please email to arrange an appointment the buyer can meet you anywhere in Vancouver area include Vancouver island. And on Oct 6th the camera buyer will be at the camera swap meet Croation Cultural Center 9-3 @ 3250 Commerical Dr @16th Ave. 

Leica m39 screw M mount lenses and body
Canon A series camera and FD lenses
Canon Auto focus camera and lenses
Nikon camera and lenses
Linhof camera and lenses
Hasselblad camera and lenses
Bronica camera and lenses
Mamiya camera and lenses
Yashica T4 T5 and other
Contax T2 T3 and other
Minolta camera and lenses
Collectable camera
Subminiature and miniature camera 
And other