(Rare) Zany S II 1950 Subminiature camera 10x14mm film first one I have seen


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Pre-owned from a camera collector estate, is this super rare  ‘HIT” style subminiature camera Zany S II by Nihon Seimtsu Kogyo Precision Industry Japan. fair condition for it age, with normal wear mark surface scratches, and small tiny indentation next to winding knob that has been fix, aperture blade is off, f stop wheel turn but do noting to adjust the aperture, lens is clean and clear. Shutter in full working order, speed sound ok, not film tested. Used 10x14mm on 16mm film in special cassettes. Fixed focus Gemmy Anastigmat 25mm f4.5 lens, Internal shutter B, 25, 50 and 100 shutter speed. I have never come across one of this before, no case or cassettes, super rare. Auction record December 1991 sold for $1100 USD. Being sold as a collectable.