Exceptional and Unusual no name Leica standard copy WOW!


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Extremely unusual and in exceptional condition and very well made (to me it feel home made) is this recent estate find, according to the family the camera has been in the family since the second world war, the father has purchased the camera, has not been used for the pass 30 years, as to wear he purchased it is unknown, it is a interesting Leica standard copy with no manufacture or country name anywhere on the camera, the only making is on the lens, lens mark ‘Elmar’ 5cm f3.5 No.502367, does not made by Leica that is for sure, lens is collapsable but not removable, lens mount is a bit lose, lens has focusing scale from 1.2 meter to infinite, top plate with Leica standard style viewfinder, shutter speed from Z (B) 20, 30, 40, 60, 100, 200 and 500. Everything seem to be in good working, focus is smooth, optic is clean and clear, no fungus, separation, or haze, but has a few faint light hairline front element scratches, not coated, aperture ring turn and working perfectly but aperture is there but is stuck, need to be fix. Never been film tested, body covering is vaucanlite same as on any older Leica, vaucanlite in perfect shape without any crack anywhere. Overall condition is exceptional with light wear mark on chrome, a few surface mark, on bottom plate, winding and rewind knob has light wear mark due to used,  I have never seen or heard of one of this before, I have email all the info to Leica copy expert Mr. Massimo Bertacchi, so far he has not seen anything like this, he can only say it is not a Russian copy, this camera is not listed in the 2 Leica copy books or McKeown’s Cameras guide. Come with take up spool. Someone has suggest to me that may be a early Japanese or Leotax, please have a look at: http://ussrphoto.com/Forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=2723. There is some similarity to the 2 camera except the other one has rangefinder, still it is a interesting camera for any camera collection.